Saturday, 23 February 2013


This blog space will be mostly used to display and discuss model spaceship designs. I'm really into imaginary spaceships. I've found enjoyment out of making my own spaceship models for table-top war games. I don't game as often as I would like, but I manage to sneak in a few hours of painting or modeling every week. I play a few other table-top games, mostly historical war games -- however they don't really offer the same kind of creative outlet so don't expect to see them here very often.

I design the fantasy ships in 3D with AutoCAD 2012, and then convert the file to an STL. This type of file is then sent to the Vflash 3D printer I have in my office. The physical model is produced within a few hours. It has to be washed, separated from the support material, and often filed/sanded smooth. It takes quite a bit of work, but nothing like traditional sculpting and molding. With modern technology it's so much easier to make your ideas a reality.

The concept of this blog is that I'll post up works in progress for people to make suggestions and comment. I really value your feedback, so fire-away. I may not always change my design to match your suggestions, but I always listen. If I didn't want to hear any comments I wouldn't post it up.
After a model is done, I'll show you the 3D printed "build" and then probably a painted version of the model will soon follow.

If you really like my spaceship designs you can order them from my Shapeways shop. I'll include a link whenever appropriate. Some of the larger vessels are a little expensive, but most war-gamers will find the small vessels affordable.

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