Monday, 11 March 2013

Bad Guys and Aliens

After setting up a Shapeways shop, I decided to fill in the ranks with some new designs. My Dindrenzi Fleet (bad guys) didn't have any fighters, and I had acquired some new ships for a mixed alliance of aliens. So it was back to the electronic drawing board for some more designs.

The Dindrenzi

These guys are the aggressive invaders, and arguably the bad-guys in the storyline. Their ships have an attractive slab-like construction that reminds me of a WW2 Tiger tank. I wanted to make sure the fighters mimicked that look.

Right from the start I knew my fighters were going to be mostly square looking, with box engines and a longer layout. I only created 3 styles, partly for some difference, partly because the latest updated game rules made one of the four fighter types relatively useless.
These designs are very simple shapes, and they 3D printed fairly well. A little paint and they matched the style of the commercial designs rather well.
You can find them in my shapeways shop as the Aggressor faction. Even if you're not into buying them, there are more photos and a spin-around animation with each. It acts as a free gallery too!


The Aliens

The ones I'm calling the Aliens are a mixed alliance of minor faction non-human creatures. They don't typically deploy large fleets of their own, instead banding together to form mixed fleets. I really enjoyed the opportunity to play with different styles here.The names have been changed to keep me out of trademark trouble!
I did not produce a full range of fighters for each minor faction. They just didn't need it game-wise. These guys are also scattered about the shapeways shop under the names listed on the CAD renderings. Did I mention it was fun? Maybe I did. There are more on the way, and the next post features some more large ships.

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