Thursday, 23 May 2013

A little closer to home

I was fairly happy with my fighter designs. I had been showing them off on the Spartan Games Forum and most of the other nerds were full of praise. There were many requests to purchase copies of them, so I directed those to my Shapeways Shop. There are 6 main factions in Firestorm Armada, but my collection consisted of only 3 of them. Some of the forum-goers were requesting designs for the other fleets. I decided to create some fighters for the Terran Alliance.

The Terran Alliance is really the "generic" fleet. The vessels look very much like Battlestars from BSG, with some Star Destroyer influence as well. Here's a photo from the box set:

I found them a little dull, but they definitely match the common human sci-fi trope. Within the game, the Terran Alliance has a historic presence, like an old empire -- perhaps like the Byzantine. The craft are described as older designs that are tried and tested. I thought the fighter craft should match the ideals.

For the fighter craft, I did some "research". I use the term loosely here, since all I did was watch movies and TV shows. I thought what would work best would be designs that matched familiarity of the large vessels. So I came up with the following designs:

Those of you familiar with Sci-fi will quickly recognize some of these components. Inspiration came from Battle Star Galactica, Aliens, and Star Wars to a lesser extent.

They printed out very well on the 3D printer, and didn't require any modification.
Here are some painted examples:


  1. you have done a great job with these desgins. i am plan on ordering some of each desgin you have later this summer or fall. these would be great additions to my fleets. looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks!Enjoy!
    I'm working on some insect-based designs next. Guess who they are for ... ;)