Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ants in my Pants

 I've been working on these ones for a little while. It took a long time to find an idea that I liked. I had started these long before the human fighters, probably around the same time as the Aggressor faction.
This next faction is based on bugs -- giant space bugs. They are a pretty popular motif for aliens in Sci-Fi series. In Firestorm Armada this trope is used by the Relthoza faction. I like the design of these vessels, I find them rather original.
Here's an image of their large vessels from the commercially available box set:

Why was this one so hard? Well, Insects/arachnids are not like humans at all.  I found it very difficult to "get inside their heads" Ick!
I went through numerous doodles of flying scorpions, multi-pods, and pointy origami nightmares. In the end I settled on using some similar triangle shapes. The fighter's orientation is horizontal rather than vertical like the ships. I felt that was needed. The launch bays on all the large vessels are long horizontally so it seemed to make sense that the fighters would fit through the door. The compound-cockpit design is reminiscent of the compound eyes of a spider. I think I'm happiest with the assault boat -- the one with the clamping mandibles. It would grapple on to an enemy vessel and then unload it's assault teams through the 3 frontal tubes.

Here's the first attempt:

I printed a few test parts and they turned out okay. The original designs were too large and needed to be scaled down. Some of the guns didn't turn out either, so they had to be thickened. The image you see is the adjusted models. I haven't 3D printed them yet ... wait for part 2!

Before I print them, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas, now is the time! It's easy to rearrange the electrons of the CAD file.

UPDATE: PART 2 is ready!

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